Inspired by mind, body, and spirit, Jeremy Pfeiffer is a Qi Gong practitioner and Sound Bender. For over 20 years he has worked as a producer/editor of news and documentary stories. With a love for traveling the world and surfing, Jeremy enjoys searching for the Heart of All Things.


Certified as a student of permaculture (PDC), he employs gardening design concepts to further explore sustainable systems based on natural living principles. Jeremy also has an infinite connection to Sound, Light, and structured living Water – as Water is the intermediary substance, which gives access to infinite potentials of energy.


Pfeiffer expresses his personal sentiment: “The Water Brewery has been a touchstone for my journey with water for some years now. The Brewery team is my ‘ohana and our customers and staff have taught me so much about myself and my surroundings – all of which are connected through Water.

Thank you, Wennifer and Einar, for creating wonderful space. I’m stoked!”


When home in Laguna Beach, CA, he spends much of his free time in ceremony with All That Is, observing universal energy force and its connection to all natural systems phenomenon. In 2010, Jeremy discovered Sympathetic Vibratory Physics (SVP) – the work of John Worrell Keely and Dale Pond. Since then, Pfeiffer has worked closely with Pond and has put forth great effort in supporting SVP educational and research initiatives. 


Since 2013, Pfeiffer has continued to serve on the Organizational Committee for the Conference on The Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, held yearly in Bulgaria and led by conference chair, Professor Gerald H. Pollack.

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