Kenny is a bright soul who is always looking to better himself as well as improve the lives of those around him. He first discovered The Water Brewery while on a quest for alkaline water and stumbled upon a gem he wanted to keep. Knowing that physical health plays a major role in one’s mental, emotional and spiritual health, Kenny felt that he had found a place that could support each of those aspects of wellness and he knew he would thrive in such an environment.


In addition to sharing his shiny personality with all whom he comes into contact, Kenny’s true passion in life is to provide happiness and positive emotional experiences through his sound healing talents. Creating music allows him to transmute, process, and amplify all of the emotions he feels; by sharing this with others, he hopes it will have as favorable an effect as it does on him.


Kenny also finds bliss in the beautiful simplicities of everyday existence —  seeing the sun rays dance through the silhouette of a palm tree; playing his drums on the beach; watching people be in love; being in the presence of awesome friends; learning, growing, healing and loving.


If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting one of The Brewery’s most free-spirited family members, stop by the store today and you might be in luck! 

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