A true creative person and self-starter, Tatjana has had an interest in health, wellness and longevity since she was very young. Being raised as a vegetarian, she was taught about maintaining personal health through eating nourishing foods, which gave her a heightened awareness of the human relationship to food and how it affects our lives. It wasn’t until later in life that Tatjana was introduced to the idea of clean, living water and she felt as though a lightbulb went off in her mind; it made so much sense! Of course eating pure foods plays a crucial role in one’s well-being, but pure water is just as, if not more, essential! Tatjana delved into this topic and wanted to learn as much as she could about finding and being in touch with pure water sources, and she also became aware of the importance of the materials we use in which to store that water (i.e. plastic vs. glass) — and their effect on her health as well as the health of the Environment.


Tatjana’s core philosophy is that health and happiness are basic human rights and that many cures for what ails us are found right in nature and are available to us at all times. She believes that through massage, clean water, sunshine, and herbs and whole foods, we could avoid spending time in hospitals and doctors offices, if we just took advantage of these endless bounties that nature provides. Although not a professional healer, Tatjana holds a deep appreciation for self-treatment and healing herself and her son by natural means, and is always growing her knowledge of herbs, superfoods and minerals in order to maintain health in her and her family’s lives.


When not working in the store, Tatjana can be found exploring and interacting with the natural world in myriad ways. Her most passionate interests include researching and creating holistic products that promote wellness — her floral and herbal skin care products adorn The Water Brewery’s shelves, and she also creates delicious and nourishing treats that can be found in our refrigerator! — as well as spending time outdoors with her son, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. 

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