Past and Present

Signature Events

prior to 2016

Mother Tree Sanctuary

Humble Beginnings Celebration

Costa Mesa, 2014



The Water Brewery is proud to support and endorse Mother Tree Sanctuary, a local, California-based nonprofit organization for the empowerment of mothers, children, their families and the community.


Visit the organization online and see what they've been up to!



Eigth Annual Water Conference

Bulgaria, 2013




Jeremy Pfeiffer presented research on

"Cymatics and Sympathetic Vibratory Physics"

at the 8th Annual Water Conference in Bulgaria,

held from October 22nd to October 25th, 2013. 







The conference began with an opening presentation by Rupert Sheldrake titled "Setting Science Free: Dispelling Dogmas and Opening New Frontiers." Other presentations included:


-EZ-water in the Light of Quantum Field Theory, Vladimir VysotskiBrownian Motion

- What Brown Really Saw and Described, Peter Jones

-Phosoythesis and Water: Why Researchers Have Created a Divorce Between Them?, Marco Sacilotti

-Water Structures Carrying DNA Information. Application to HIV/AIDS and Autism, Luc Montagnier

-Aquaphotonics for Weak Signals Quantification in Water, Roumiana Tsenkova

Water -Interacting with Magnetic Fields: Structures, Properties, and Functions, Sumio OzekiWater---

Light Interaction: A Novel Pathway for Multi Hallmark Therapy in Cancer, Luis Santana-Blank

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