Open Mic

Call to Action!

The monthly Open Mics at The Water Brewery have been a safe and expressive space in the community for local artists both young and young at heart to share their passion in song, music, and dance.
Recently, the music industry has been demanding small businesses across the U.S. that host Open Mics to have a general music license in order to perform cover songs even if the event is not-for-profit.
The owners of The Water Brewery have graciously offered this space for the community at their expense each month to organize, manage, and staff the event with no cover charge or fee to the public. This music licensing requirement introduces an additional burden to this goodwill. 
Parents and artists are coming together to help bring Open Mic back to The Water Brewery by raising the necessary funds to sustainably have an on-going music license.
We humbly ask for your help to raise $800 by January 21, 2019 to cover the minimum annual fees imposed by BMI and ASCAP, the two primary music license companies in the U.S.  
Many young and talented local performers have relied on this recurring event as a creative outlet. You can help support its triumphant return in the new year with your contribution.  
Please note that if more money than $800 is raised by January 21st, we will channel the extra funds toward scholarships for our youth to encourage them to continue pursuing the arts and honing their craft. These potential scholarships will be made available to the youth participating in our monthly Open Mics.
Please contact us at or 714-499-9977 for further details on how to contribute.
Thank you kindly for your generosity and advocacy!  Let's support the arts, our community, and the return of our monthly community Open Mics!
Bright blessings,
The Water Brewery Family

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