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Einar Haver


Einar Haver is lovingly referred to as The Water Brewery’s in-house “Water Wizard.”  Coming from Norway, a land rich in waterways and fjords, Einar has always been passionate about water – its cleanliness, its potency, its aliveness. 


Although Einar holds a graduate degree in Economy, Accounting, and Marketing through the Business School of Management at the Norges Markeds Høyskole, NMH, his real passion has always been in the world of wholistic and spiritual health and wellness.  In addition to his formalized education, he has completed two years of training in esoteric healing from The Theosophical Union in Copenhagen, Denmark and a one-year training in color therapy through Eidis Kaas (as inspired by Goethe, Rudolf Steiner, and Theo Gimbel) in Norway.  

Einar’s broad-based education includes long-term mentorship from highly-esteemed and well-respected specialists and he feels that without their influential presence in his life, he would not be the person he is today.

His mentors include: Torleif Stangeland, who has personally taught him through numerous years of apprenticing to accurately quantify the vibrational and healing qualities of living plants in connection with the human physiology; Sissel Tvedte, who has trained him in the art of Rebirthing through a three year intensive study in breathwork, past life regression, meditation and spiritual healing; Sotantar, reknown gong master, who continues to provide ongoing support and coursework in kundalini yoga, gong meditation, and vibrational healing. Einar brings with him experiential and hands-on knowledge from water mentors like Viktor Schauberger (Austria), Johan Grander (Austria), and Center for Implosion Research (UK). 

While living in Norway, Einar’s unfailing commitment to helping others with their personal and spiritual growth inspired him to become the founder of the Theosophical Society in Oslo, Norway, as well as hold active meditations via the World Goodwill and Triangles Global Alliance for eleven years. 

For over nine years, Einar helped manage Helios, Norway’s largest biodynamic and anthroposophical healthfood store, where he also played an active role in executive decision-making.  It was during these years of working in Helios that Einar discovered his love for helping people to accessing real knowledge and empowering them with real tools for living conscious, healthful, and wholistic lifestyles.

Before moving to the United States with his wife, Wennifer, Einar was also running his own business, called Living Waters and Health Foods.

It is with much joy and gratitude that Einar brings to The Water Brewery his lifelong passion, love, and experience with clean and conscious living.


Einar C. Haver Co-Founder, Visionary Water Brewer, Wellness Coach, and Emissary for MotherEarth


Wennifer Lin-Haver


As a proud mom of three kids (now ages 23, 20, and 11!) and a lifelong advocate and researcher of natural birthing and eco-mothering, I am so excited to share our Aquae A.M.O.R.E. water with you.  In a way, this water beautifully embodies much of the wisdom that I have had the privilege of learning through my years of research among traditional midwives and wise wo/men, where healing and wellness do not come from a pill or a quick-fix medical procedure, but the simple waters/tonics, herbs, and living foods that we drink and ingest on a day-to-day basis.  The age-old adage “you are what you eat” translates well into “you are what you drink,” especially during such an important and transformational life passage as pregnancy, birthing, and nursing.

During my many years as an actively nursing mother, I learned to be careful with the foods I ate and the liquids I drank, knowing that anything and everything I consumed would be directly transformed into breastmilk for my baby.  Because breastmilk is 88% water, I knew I had to be especially conscious with the quality of water I drank, whether plain or via herbal teas, soups, or juices.

I happily gave-up drinking or cooking with water from the tap long ago due to a number of undesirable contaminants, toxins, and chemicals (such as lead, arsenic, chlorine, cadmium, mercury, formaldehyde, rocket fuel, and even remnants of pharmaceutical drugs from human fecal matter) that fail to get removed from our municipal water supply; I ruled out drinking water from single-use plastic bottles due to the discovery of the female-hormone-altering chemicals BPA (bisphenol-A) and even BPS, not to mention all the accumulating waste that would result from it (check out the plastic vortex in the Northern Pacific Ocean on YouTube – it’s disheartening and alarming); I had 5-gallon jugs of “purified” reverse-osmosis water, both from self-serve water dispensaries and special delivery services, but eventually stopped it all because I discovered that the prolonged use of such “empty” water leaches the body and bones of essential minerals; I had my husband attach both over-the-counter and under-the-sink water filters that also had the capacity to alkalize and ionize, but realized, to my disappointment, that such "ionizing" systems alkalized through artificial means by damaging the structural integrity of the water and they were not heavy-duty enough for our county’s heavily-laden recycled waste water (better known as tap water), as I could still taste and see the chalky murkiness despite its high pH. 


So after years of searching and researching for quality drinking water for our family – one that is not only pure, but nourishing and energizing (as well as affordable for a family with hungry/thirsty little mouths to feed!) – my dear Norwegian husband (a health/wellness coach and your general know-it-all with just about everything that’s good-for-you) and I (a baby-lovin’ mama and eco-feminist scholar/artist) have finally taken it upon ourselves to “brew” our ideal elixir: Aquae A.M.O.R.E., meaning Waters of Love.

Yes, we LOVE our water.  We love that it is ultra-pure, deeply nourishing, vibrationally cleansed, and structurally beautiful!  And we love that we can serve it to you with our deepest commitment and gratitude.  So welcome … relaaaax, unwind, take a deep breath, and drink to your heart’s delight …. literally!

Brightest blessings,


Wennifer Lin-Haver, Phd

Co-Founder + Mama of The Water Brewery






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From a really early age, Bunny had been interested in alternative health, always seeking more information about how to live more naturally and live in harmony with this planet we call home! Starting a vegetarian diet at age 11 and then a vegan/raw vegan lifestyle at 18, she has experienced some really positive changes in her physical and mental health. Seeking to help others improve their quality of life and awareness of their own bodies, Bunny is now enrolled in a massage therapy college, opening her eyes to some really incredible information.


Since she is always inching to learn something new about the body, mind and spirit, Bunny was naturally drawn to The Water Brewery by its holistic approach to health and wellness. She is very excited to soak up all she can by working at The Water brewery as well as contribute and share from her own experience with others!



Evan was raised on the Standard Amerian Diet which consisted of a myriad of processed carbs, cereals, breads, pasta, cookies, cake, processed meats, hydrogenated oils, high fructose syrup, MSG, GMO's, etc. - he didn't have any idea of what a healthy lifestyle entailed. Throughout his childhood and teenage years, he struggled with obesity, depression, and chronic cluster headaches. Unaware of the consequences his lifestyle was having on his health, Evan relied on the advice of standard medical doctors and found himself taking an array of medications which only added to the snowball of problems. 

In 2009, Evan made it his goal to take his health into his own hands and heal his body from so many years of damage. In his search for a cleaner, more natural way of living, he was introduced to the beautiful world of Raw, Organic, Unprocessed foods. He decided to make a change for the better and jumped into the waters head first. Almost instantly, he felt the amazing benefits of living whole foods, along with exercise, sunshine, pure water and a positive outlook on life. Evan was able to transform his health issues and during the process he was able to get off all of my medications and lose 100 lbs. of unwanted weight!


Evan's journey on the path of wellness has opened so many doors and opportunities. He finds much gratification in helping to assist others to find their own Utopia. 






Inspired by mind, body, and spirit, Jeremy Pfeiffer is a Qi Gong practitioner and Sound Bender. For over 20 years he has worked as a producer/editor of news and documentary stories. With a love for traveling the world and surfing, Jeremy enjoys searching for the Heart of All Things.


Certified as a student of permaculture (PDC), he employs gardening design concepts to further explore sustainable systems based on natural living principles. Jeremy also has an infinite connection to Sound, Light, and structured living Water – as Water is the intermediary substance, which gives access to infinite potentials of energy.


Pfeiffer expresses his personal sentiment: “The Water Brewery has been a touchstone for my journey with water for some years now. The Brewery team is my ‘ohana and our customers have taught me so much about myself and my surroundings – all of which are connected through water. I am always in a state of Love and Gratitude when I finish a day of work at the store. Thank you, Wennifer and Einar, for creating wonderful space. I’m stoked!”


When home in Laguna Beach, CA, he spends much of his free time in ceremony with All That Is, observing universal energy force and its connection to all natural systems phenomenon. In 2010, Jeremy discovered Sympathetic Vibratory Physics (SVP) – the work of John Worrell Keely and Dale Pond. Since then, Pfeiffer has worked closely with Pond and has put forth great effort in supporting SVP educational research initiatives. 


Since 2013, Pfeiffer has continued to serve on the Organizational Committee for the Conference on The Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, held yearly in Bulgaria and led by conference chair, Professor Gerald H. Pollack. 


Jeremy finds fulfillment in using his communications skills to inspire and assist others to grow into their higher potential. To learn more, please visit his websites at:





Cymatics  Image: By Jeremy Pfeiffer


Kenny is a bright soul who is always looking to better himself as well as improve the lives of those around him. He first discovered The Water Brewery while on a quest for alkaline water and stumbled upon a gem he wanted to keep. Knowing that physical health plays a major role in one’s mental, emotional and spiritual health, Kenny felt that he had found a place that could support each of those aspects of wellness and he knew he would thrive in such an environment.

In addition to sharing his shiny personality with all whom he comes into contact, Kenny’s true passion in life is to provide happiness and positive emotional experiences through his sound healing talents. Creating music allows him to transmute, process, and amplify all of the emotions he feels; by sharing this with others, he hopes it will have as favorable an effect as it does on him.


Kenny also finds bliss in the beautiful simplicities of everyday existence —  seeing the sun rays dance through the silhouette of a palm tree; playing his drums on the beach; watching people be in love; being in the presence of awesome friends; learning, growing, healing and loving.


If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting one of The Brewery’s most free-spirited family members, stop by the store today and you might be in luck! 



Sorshia has always lived a healthy and organic lifestyle so working at The Water Brewery made sense to her. She strives to better herself and has a positive influence on the people around her. By working at The WaterBrewery she is hoping to help support the people who are trying to live a lifestyle that will make them feel like the best version of themselves. All-in-all, Sorshia wants to help people one drop at a time.



A true creative person and self-starter, Tatjana has had an interest in health, wellness and longevity since she was very young. Being raised as a vegetarian, she was taught about maintaining personal health through eating nourishing foods, which gave her a heightened awareness of the human relationship to food and how it affects our lives. It wasn’t until later in life that Tatjana was introduced to the idea of clean, living water and she felt as though a lightbulb went off in her mind; it made so much sense! Of course eating pure foods plays a crucial role in one’s well-being, but pure water is just as, if not more, essential! Tatjana delved into this topic and wanted to learn as much as she could about finding and being in touch with pure water sources, and she also became aware of the importance of the materials we use in which to store that water (i.e. plastic vs. glass) — and their effect on her health as well as the health of the Environment.


Tatjana’s core philosophy is that health and happiness are basic human rights and that many cures for what ails us are found right in nature and are available to us at all times. She believes that through massage, clean water, sunshine, and herbs and whole foods, we could avoid spending time in hospitals and doctors offices, if we just took advantage of these endless bounties that nature provides. Although not a professional healer, Tatjana holds a deep appreciation for self-treatment and healing herself and her son by natural means, and is always growing her knowledge of herbs, superfoods and minerals in order to maintain health in her and her family’s lives.


When not working in the store, Tatjana can be found exploring and interacting with the natural world in myriad ways. Her most passionate interests include researching and creating holistic products that promote wellness — her floral and herbal skin care products adorn The Water Brewery’s shelves, and she also creates delicious and nourishing treats that can be found in our refrigerator! — as well as spending time outdoors with her son, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. 



Growing up in Newport Beach, Patrick related the calm bliss of sun and a salty ocean with water. But, upon traveling to Big Sur, CA, although unfamiliar, he noticed the coolness of the air and the fresh water streams evoking in him a sense of family and endearment. The water was so pure and clear, it amplified each stone below into crisp detail. To Patrick, there was no better way to be apart of it than to drink from its stream.


He got an exciting job teaching kids to swim and fell in love with passing on the experience of water. So when Patrick heard about The Water Brewery, it brought back memories of Big Sur and it seemed right to involve this aspect of life with his own. At The Water Brewery, Patrick is hoping for a larger glimpse into the water he initially conceived, so he may continue to wet the eyes he marvels with.


Tim would dare to learn what he is not allowed to teach.  For no dream in his realm is too far out of reach.  However, if he may kindly acknowledge where ever a fellow being were stuck, then to his dearest will, compelled by spirit, wish to inspire new, fresh, and fluent perspectives of creative energy and luck.  Then with the living examples he has left behind within the souls that he has touched, would blaze the trail to freedom where love’s lightening had struck.

Extended Friends & Family



Sotantar Suraj has practiced and studied yoga, meditation and healing since his childhood in Spain till present day.  The Hermes Kybalion, The Patanjali Sutras, The VBT Tantra Sutras and the words of Carlos Castaneda became important influences in his life. 


By his early twenties he moved to the United States where he continued his study in yoga, tantra and meditation.  Later he found his connection with the Planet Gongs and he devoted himself to learning the ways of the Gong, Kundalini Yoga and Tantra.  He was privileged to meet and receive teachings from the Master of Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan, by whom he received his spiritual name to meditate on his life path and destiny - Sotantar - meaning beyond the boundaries of time and space and one who lives for the light.


Sotantar Suraj is a widely recognized Gong Master Teacher, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer in his home base of Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, as well as in Europe. His "1.11 Gong & Self Mastery Training" school is base in the US, California, in Orange County. He has worked with and had the opportunity to learn from world-renowned Gong Master Teacher Don Conreaux. And world-renowned Tantra Teacher Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita by whom he received his spiritual name in the Osho tradition - Suraj - meaning Sun. He is also a Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Therapist and Hypnotherapist.


In addition to his regular classes, Sotantar Suraj brings his knowledge and energy of the Planet Gongs to workshops and retreats around the globe. He brings the vibration of the primordial sacred sound of the Planet Gongs to honor our ancestors, their sacred places and traditions by participating in special events to help raise consciousness and nurture the soul. He frequently visits Spain and Ireland, and offers workshops throughout the world.


Sotantar Suraj is dedicated to raising awareness, inspiring passion, creating balance, and spreading love, joy and peace to the universal community through his teachings that led him to create the "1.11 Planet Gong Oneness Mahamudra Meditation" which takes place daily at 1.11pm in which all participants connect mentally together feeling the spirit of oneness. As we are like a Gong we create this sacred vibrations with our feelings, experiencing and expanding the joy of oneness and of being our true selves. These vibrations carry throughout the world the intentions to expand global awareness, raising the frequency of the planet to a higher level of love, peace and oneness with grace and ease. This 1.11 Planet Gong Oneness Mahamudra Meditation has many participants throughout the world connecting at their local time 1.11 pm, in America, Europe, Asia and more.


His passion is teaching Kundalini Yoga, Tantra and bringing the healing and transforming sounds of the Gong to the world.  He enjoys giving Gong Sessions, Personal Counseling, Meditation and Healing Planet Gong Concerts to celebrate oneness, peace, love and joy which is our natural state. He has recorded a series of CDs including the Planet Gongs and Tibetan Bowls for meditation, transformation and healing. His DVDs include powerful and transformative Kundalini Yoga Kriyas, Gong Immersions and Meditations.

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